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BigPond has the widest coverage area of all the internet providers and a full range of services, including ADSL, ADSL2+, Next G wireless, cable and mobile broadband. You can save money with Telstra Home Bundles, which package your BigPond broadband with other Telstra products such as home phone, mobile phone and FOXTEL from Telstra.

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Broadband news

NBN Connection Takeup And The ‘Real Solutions’ Broadband Statement

Here’s an article by Angus Kidman about the takeup of the National Broadband Network; how many connections have been made to the NBN versus how many are available, and it includes reporting on the Opposition’s new policy titled Real Solutions with reference to the NBN. NBN Co has updated its internet connection figures for the [...]


Deloitte predicts worldwide spectrum shortage

A Spectrum shortage will effect network performance like lower speeds and dropped calls as broadband demand exceeds supply in Australia and globally. Heres an interesting article by Stephanie Mcdonald explaining more: Deloitte has predicted a spectrum and broadband shortage around the world on the back of growth in smartphone shipments and global 4G rollouts. Deloitte [...]


Which Country Has The Fastest Internet, And How Does Australia Compare?

The report has been compiled by Akamai Technologies, here is an excerpt from an article recently published in Gizmodo. Which Country Has The Fastest Internet, And How Does Australia Compare?: Akamai ranks countries based on their broadband speeds every quarter. In its latest report for Q1 2013, the top-ranking country has an average peak connection [...]

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