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100 GB Cable


  • 24 months

    Bundle options:

  • Home phone
  • T-Box
  • T-Hub 2
  • Now includes 11 Foxtel on T-Box Channels in the Get Started package
  • $120.00Bundle/month
  • Upfront cost:$59.00
  • Min total cost:$2939.00

Plan specifics

Plan feature Plan detail
Broadband type Cable
Monthly broadband cost N/A
Download speed Cable
Data allowance 100 GB /month
Cost of 1MB of data (within data allowance) N/A
Cost of 1MB of data (excess usage) No excess usage charges, speed limited to 256 kbps until next billing cycle starts
Contract length 24 months
Email accounts 1
Web space 20 MB
IP address Dynamic
Additional resources Terms & Conditions
Payment types Credit Card, Direct Debit, Invoiced. This plan requires paperless billing and electronic payment. A $2 fee will apply each month you receive a paper bill or make a bill payment in person or via mail. Credit card payment processing fees apply.

Setup details and options

Setup details and options Cost
Netcomm NB7 $59.00
Self Install Home Network Gateway (for new Telstra broadband customers) $0.00
Standard Professional Install Home Network Gateway (for new Telstra broadband customers) $192.00
Broadband Activation Fee (for new Telstra Broadband or Home Phone customers) $59.00
Delivery Fee (applies for self-install Home Network Gateway kits) $12.00

Bundle details

Bundle option Bundle cost
100GB Telstra Broadband + Telstra Line Rental + T-Box® + Foxtel on T-Box Get Started package (24 month term): $120.00/mth for 24 months + upfront

Total bundle costs

Monthly and total costs Plan costs
Monthly broadband cost N/A
Bundle cost $120.00/mth for 24 months + upfront
Monthly cost $120.00/mth for 24 months
Minimum total cost for 24 months $2939.00

Want an eye-popping amount of entertainment? Get the Telstra Entertainer Bundle, with 11 Foxtel On T-Box channels.

Whether it is music on MTV, classic TV shows on TV1 or cartoons on Nickelodeon to keep the children entertained, we have your entertainment needs covered with 11 popular Foxtel on T-Box channels included.

Foxtel on T-Box features:

  • The Get Started package is the base package for Foxtel on T-Box, it brings you a selection of Foxtel channels covering kids and general entertainment, news, sport news and documentaries. Personalise your Foxtel on T-Box experience by then adding your choice of packages.

  • Broadband Features:
  • • Receive 100GB of Cable Broadband with no excess usage charges (Once your monthly usage allowance is reached, speed is slowed to 256 kbps)
  • • 24/7 Technical support
  • • New Telstra broadband customers receive a Home Network Gateway modem so you can get online from anywhere in the typical home
  • • Eligible customers can add a Super Fast Speed Boost for only $20/month
  • Home Phone Features:
  • • Line Rental included
  • • Unlimited local & STD® calls
  • • Capped calls to standard Australian mobiles at $3 per call +45c flagfall
  • • Enjoy International Value Pack discounted call rates when you direct dial overseas to selected countries
  • • AND the Family Calls Benefit so you can get unlimited voice calls in Australia between up to four eligible mobiles plus your home phone when added to a single bill
  • Mobile Bundle Bonus
  • Adds $50 of extra mobile allowance for calls, text & MMS to standard Australian numbers on up to four of your family’s eligible Telstra post-paid mobile plans (excludes overseas use). All of your mobile plans must be on the same Single Bill as your bundle.

  • Eligible customers can also add a Telstra T-Hub® 2 for an additional $15 per month over 24 months or $360 outright.

    Things You Need To Know:
    • Service not available to all areas, homes or customers.
    • Internet usage means monthly combined upload and download data transfer 1 Gigabyte = 1000 Megabytes. Unused usage allowance expires each month.
    • One Speed Boost per service. Not available to all customers and existing customers may need to purchase a compatible Home Network Gateway.
    • T-Hub 2 requires an eligible Wi-Fi modem to operate.
    • T-Box and Foxtel on T-Box customers must pass a Service Qualification check and your TV and premises must meet minimum requirements.
    • Family Calls Benefit - Unlimited voice calls in Australia between up to four mobiles, plus your home phone, when all services are on your single bill. Our Responsible Use Policy applies. If you have an Ultimate Plan, New Ultimate Plan or Ultimate II Plan, calls from your mobile service are not included.
    • Mobile Bundle Bonus - Eligible mobiles are mobiles on an Every Day Connect, Telstra No Lock-In, Freedom Connect or Next G® Cap plan that does not include unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers.
    • National calls to standard fixed line numbers exclude some usage such as calls to premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers), 1234 and 12456 numbers. Satellite numbers are not standard numbers.