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Telstra Large Broadband Bundle (ADSL2+)
1000 GB
  • Upfront cost:$203.00
  • Min total cost: $2963.00
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    Plan specifics
    Plan feature Plan detail
    Broadband type ADSL2+
    Monthly broadband cost N/A
    Download speed ADSL2+
    Data allowance 1000 GB /month
    Cost of 1MB of data (within data allowance) N/A
    Cost of 1MB of data (excess usage) No excess usage charges, speed limited to 256 kbps until next billing cycle starts
    Contract length 24 months
    Email accounts Up to 14
    Web space N/A
    IP address Dynamic
    Additional resources Terms & Conditions
    Payment types Credit Card, Direct Debit, Invoiced. This Bundle requires paperless billing and electronic payment.A $2.20 charge will be applied a month in arrears if you receive a paper bill; and a $1.00 charge will be applied a month in arrears if you make a bill payment in person or via mail. Credit card payment processing fees apply.
    Setup details and options
    Setup details and options Cost
    Netcomm NB7 $203.00
    Professional Install (for new Telstra Broadband customers) $240.00
    Self Install (for new Telstra Broadband customers) $0.00
    Broadband Activation Fee (for new Telstra Broadband customers) $59.00
    Home Network Gateway $144.00
    Delivery Fee (applies for Home Network Gateway kits when the $89 activation fee is not applicable) $12.00
    Bundle details
    Bundle option Bundle cost
    Telstra Large Broadband Bundle - 1000GB Fast & Reliable Broadband + Pay as you go calls (PAYG) $115.00/mth for 24 months + upfront
    Total bundle costs
    Monthly and total costs Plan costs
    Monthly broadband cost N/A
    Bundle cost $115.00/mth for 24 months + upfront
    Monthly cost $115.00
    Minimum cost for 24 months $2963.00

    Fast and reliable broadband, now with Telstra Air®.

    The Telstra Small Broadband Bundle gives you:

  • • 1000GB fast and reliable broadband
  • • Home phone line rental and pay as you go (PAYG) calls
  • • Access to Telstra Air®, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi Network™
  • • Telstra Broadband Protect
  • And many other great benefits detailed below:

  • • Telstra Air® - Take your Telstra home broadband data to new places. Join Telstra Air®, Australia Largest Wi-Fi Network. You can enjoy Wi-Fi access near Telstra Pink Payphones, selected Telstra stores plus other members’ home hotspots and more than 15 million hotspots overseas. To join Telstra Air®, you need an eligible Telstra home broadband service and compatible gateway. When you access a Telstra Air® Network™ hotspot, your usage counts towards your home broadband allowance.
  • • Telstra Broadband Protect – Telstra Broadband Protect is the easy way to help you protect your family when they’re online on any device connected to your Telstra home broadband service.
  • • Home Broadband Data Top Ups - Get your monthly data allowance topped up for free three times a year if you exceed your monthly data allowance.
  • • Works on the NBN – All our plans are built with the future in mind, so they are ready for when your area is ready to switch over to NBN
  • • Family Calls Benefit - Unlimited voice calls (within Australia) between your home phone and up to 4 eligible mobiles on the same bill.
  • • Mobile Bundle Bonus - Adds $50 bonus mobile allowance for calls, SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers (excludes use overseas), on up to four of your family's eligible mobile plans on the same bill.
  • Things You Need To Know:
    • Service not available in all areas or homes.
    • Broadband internet speeds will be slowed to 256kbps once usage allowance is reached.
    • Family Calls Benefit - Unlimited voice calls in Australia between up to four mobiles, plus your home phone, when all services are on your single bill. Our Responsible Use Policy applies. If you have an Ultimate Plan, New Ultimate Plan or Ultimate II Plan, calls from your mobile service are not included.
    • Mobile Bundle Bonus - Eligible mobiles are mobiles on a Go Mobile, Mobile Accelerate, Every Day Connect, Telstra No Lock-In, Freedom Connect or Next G® Cap plan with a minimum monthly charge of at least $45 that do not include unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers. Any used allowance expires each month.
    • National calls to standard fixed line numbers excludes some usage such as calls to premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers), 13, 1234 and 12456 numbers. Satellite numbers are not standard numbers.
    • Telstra Air®: Eligible services are ADSL, NBN and Cable. Compatible gateways are the Telstra Gateway Max™, T-Gateway® and ADSL Premium Gateway. All Telstra Air usage will count toward your home broadband allowance, including usage that is unmetered when accessed at home.
    • Some Telstra Broadband Protect features are not available when connected to a Telstra Air® hotspot or the Telstra Mobile Network.