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Optus Business
*15GB Optus Business 4G Data Plan
15 GB
4G Mobile Broadband
  • Min total cost: $804.60
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    All business broadband plans require an ABN/ACN
    Plan specifics
    Plan feature Plan detail
    Business plans All business plans require an ABN/ACN
    Broadband type 4G Mobile Broadband
    Monthly broadband cost $67.05*
    Download speed 4G
    Data allowance 15 GB /month (within Australia)
    Cost of 1MB of data (within data allowance) $0.0037
    Cost of 1MB of data (excess usage) $0.10
    Contract length 12 months
    Email accounts 0
    Web space N/A
    IP address Dynamic, Static IP available by request
    Payment types Credit Card, Direct Debit
    Additional resources Terms & Conditions
    Setup details and options
    Setup details and options Cost
    Modem Delivery Fee $9.95
    4G WiFi Modem (included) - price per month $12.10
    Total broadband costs
    Monthly and total costs Plan costs
    Monthly broadband cost $67.05*
    Monthly bundle cost N/A
    Total monthly cost $67.05
    Minimum total cost over 12 months $804.60

    Minimum total cost over 12 months (including $9.95 delivery fee) is $804.60

    *Monthly broadband cost includes $12.10 per month USB modem. Cancellation fees apply. Excess usage data charges apply if you exceed your monthly allowance.

    Terms and Conditions

  • Included Data for use within Australia: Data usage will be counted in kilobytes where 1024kb = 1MB and includes both uploads and downloads. Unused data does not rollover. Excess data usage charged at $0.10 per MB.
  • International Roaming: For details about roaming destinations and rates on Optus Data Plans, please visit You will not be able to access overseas 4G/LTE networks when roaming.
  • Coverage: The Optus 4G and 4G Plus Networks are available in selected areas. Check coverage at To access the Optus 4G or 4G Plus network you need a compatible device and plan. With 3G devices you are able to access our 3G Network. With 4G devices you are able to access our entire 3G Network and 4G Network. With 4G Plus devices you can access all areas of the Optus Network, including our 3G, 4G & 4G Plus Networks. For further details please visit
  • General: Optus Internet Acceptable Use Policy applies.

  • See here for full Optus Terms & Conditions