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Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Prepaid Wireless Broadband and Prepaid Mobile Broadband gives users the freedom to move, transfer and change Prepaid Internet Service Providers without the hidden costs and typical early exiting fees. Access HSDPA, WiMAX and 3G Networks that offer high speed Prepaid Mobile Plans with such Providers as Optus, Telstra BigPond, Vodafone, 3 and Virgin Mobile.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband is a great option for many different reasons. For example, some people may require temporarily Mobile Broadband whilst moving house or relocating business, while many other people find it difficult to manage their funds and may prefer to pay upfront. Other than this, Pre-paid Mobile Broadband could be a economical and cost effective avenue to test out the services, reception and quality that Prepaid Mobile Providers offer.....

Whats more...Not sure about a particular Mobile Broadband Provider's Service, Recepetion or Coverage? Then... 'Try before you Buy' with Prepaid Mobile Broadband!

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Mobile Broadband

Using mobile phone networks, mobile broadband gives you access to the internet wherever there’s good mobile network coverage.

Upgrading From Dialup

Still have an old dial up internet connection? You can you get broadband for next to the same price as dial up. Even if a conventional broadband connection is not available in your area you may be able to get Wireless broadband at competitive prices

Wireless Broadband

With the recent introduction of HSDPA high speed wireless broadband and WiMAX on the way wireless broadband speeds can be even faster that your standard broadband connection.

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Broadband news

Netflix announced unmetered deal with iiNet

The California-based streaming giant Netflix has revealed it’s Australian launch date on March 24, partnering with the country’s second-biggest internet service provider – iiNet. Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said the subscription video on demand service (SVOD) would be available to all main Australian ISPs but the iiNet deal was the first unmetered agreement […]


NBN Connection Takeup And The ‘Real Solutions’ Broadband Statement

Here’s an article by Angus Kidman about the takeup of the National Broadband Network; how many connections have been made to the NBN versus how many are available, and it includes reporting on the Opposition’s new policy titled Real Solutions with reference to the NBN. NBN Co has updated its internet connection figures for the […]


Deloitte predicts worldwide spectrum shortage

A Spectrum shortage will effect network performance like lower speeds and dropped calls as broadband demand exceeds supply in Australia and globally. Heres an interesting article by Stephanie Mcdonald explaining more: Deloitte has predicted a spectrum and broadband shortage around the world on the back of growth in smartphone shipments and global 4G rollouts. Deloitte […]

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