NBN Plans

Compare broadband plans for the NBN, whether you’re switching plans or moving into a new house. Choose from a range of different speed tiers, and receive the right plan depending on your household’s NBN connection (FTTP, FTTC, HFC, FTTB, FTTN, Fixed Wireless or Satellite).

ADSL Plans

If you have ADSL, ADSL 2, ADSL 2+ or Naked DSL, then compare our various ADSL plans and find the right deal for you. Sort through the broadband plans by price, contract length or monthly data limits and get connected today.

Wireless Broadband Plans

If you are having trouble obtaining a fixed-line connection to your household, then compare our wireless broadband plans. With no lock-in contracts, pay month to month with our affordable data plans, while having the flexibility to switch to a new plan until you find the right one for you.

Cheap Broadband Plans

If you are after extremely affordable internet prices, then compare our cheap broadband plans. Whether you are after a wired-connection with the NBN or ADSL2+, or a wireless broadband connection, you will find something to suit your needs.

Broadband Bundles

Get a better broadband deal by combining other services into our broadband bundles. Only pay for one bill a month, by bundling your home phone or pay-TV plan with a broadband plan, as well as possibly being able to receive a discount on your mobile phone bill.

Cable Plans

Find the right cable plan for you by comparing our cable broadband plans. Browse through our unlimited data plans or find a bundle with Fetch TV, Foxtel or Telstra TV and open up new ways to explore entertainment.

Pay TV Plans

Bundle a pay-TV subscription with your next broadband plan and get access to more channels, TV shows and movies. Get services like Foxtel, Fetch TV and Telstra TV while also getting Internet access to Netflix, Stan, Youtube and more.