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Compare Broadband

For broadband at home, you’re choices are ADSL, ADSL2+, cable, naked and wireless – and for broadband on the move there’s mobile broadband. The most popular choice in Australia currently is ADSL2+, which gives fast internet access via your phone line. But if you hardly use your home phone, then a naked connection – which doesn’t need a phone – might be a better choice. If you want to bundle your broadband with pay TV then cable is a good option, if it’s available in your area. Broadband bundles are also a good option for saving money. Or you might prefer the flexibility of a wireless connection. Choose from the links below to plans that best suits your online needs, or get started with our easy youcompare broadband search.


Broadband Bundles

You can save money by bundling your broadband with your home phone, mobile phones and pay TV services.


Mobile Broadband

Using mobile phone networks, mobile broadband gives you access to the internet wherever there’s good mobile network coverage.



ADSL2+ provides fast broadband speeds for streaming movies & TV shows, online gaming, web browsing and other online activities.


No Contract Broadband

Compare a range of our providers and broadband plans that offers the freedom of no-lock contract terms.


Cheapest Broadband

Compare cheap plans from top broadband providers like Telstra, Optus, Dodo, iiNet, and Virgin Mobile for the best deals on ADSL, mobile broadband, cable and wireless broadband.


High Speed Broadband

When it comes to streaming content or playing games online, hitting the high speeds is important. Compare services with dedicated high speed connection types including NBN, ADSL2+ and fast wireless broadband.


Most Popular Plans

Browse what our Youcompare customers have voted the best NBN broadband and ADSL2+ deals from a range of Australia’s top broadband providers. Check out our most popular plans.


High Download

An important factor to consider when choosing a broadband plan is your monthly download usage. If you plan to download a lot of music, stream a lot of movies or have a family that are frequent users of the internet you will need a broadband plan with a high download limit.


Small Business

There are many different factors that influence which broadband plan would be suitable for a small business. How many people will be sharing the connection? What are you using it for? Browse our broadband plans to find the right deal to suit your small business needs.


4G Mobile Broadband

4G mobile broadband is here! At potentially ten times the speed of 3G, with better coverage and more reliability 4G is the current generation of mobile broadband. At least until 5G comes along!


5G Mobile Broadband

5G Mobile is expected to hit the Australian shores before the end of 2019, or else by 2020. This new generation of mobile internet is tipped to be ten times faster than then NBN's fastest plan. While we're waiting, check out everything that we know about 5G so far.


Bittorrent, P2P File Sharing

Torrenting is the act of file-sharing from one user to another over the internet. If you spend a lot of time file-sharing or you frequently torrent really large files, then consider which broadband connection you will need. Use this link to find broadband plans that best suits file-sharing protocols such as P2P or Bittorrent.


Broadband Foxtel Bundles

You can now get entertainment value by bundling your broadband with FOXTEL PayTV. Check out some great broadband deals from Telstra and FOXTEL.


Broadband PayTV Bundles

Bundling your broadband with your PayTV is an easy way to save in the long run. FOXTEL, Netflix, Fetch TV and more provide great ways to get your TV fix along with a great broadband deal.





Business Broadband

Browse broadband plans for a business of any shape or size, including small businesses and home offices. Combine options such as Static IPs, Office Phone and Mobile Phone services. Your business requires a reliable broadband connection and we also offer additional services such as Service Level Agreements and a higher level of Customer Care and Technical Support. All you need is a valid A.B.N.


Compare Fetch TV Broadband Plans

Some broadband providers offer Fetch TV bundles as part of their broadband service. Use this page to checkout Fetch TV & broadband bundles. Fetch offers the latest movies, TV shows, mobile apps, sports and many international channels with their world packages.


Gaming Broadband

Do you need fast broadband to destroy your opponents online? Get ahead of the rest by browsing our NBN and ADSL2+ broadband plans and find a high-speed plan best suited for gamers.


Ipad Broadband Plans

Browse through our great mobile broadband and wireless plans for your iPad so that your SIM slot does not stay empty. Take advantage of the SIM-only deals so that you can use the internet on your iPad when you're out and about.



Streaming movies through online services or downloading movies for offline use does require a plan with a bit of data. If you plan to stream a lot of movies, then you will need the right broadband plan.


Moving House

Moving house can be an exciting and daunting venture, especially if it is your first time. Ease the pressure a little by browsing through our NBN, ADSL and wireless broadband plans that are specifically catered for those who are moving into a new house.



Most people love listening to music, and with the abundance of music streaming and downloading services, it is best to find a broadband plan that caters to your music-listening habits. Check out our NBN and ADSL plans so that you can get back to enjoying your music.


Naked Broadband

Naked Broadband is a broadband internet service that does not require a PSTN (copper home phone line) service. Unlike most general ADSL services that require a mandatory home phone service, Naked Broadband has incorporated the copper line into a 'Standalone' or 'Unbundled' broadband product. Naked Broadband can encompass both Naked DSL and Naked Cable offerings.


Broadband Plans For Netflix

Netflix will select the stream quality based on the speed of your broadband connection, unless you specify otherwise. More often than not this will be High-Definition or Standard-Definition stream. Browse our plans that are suitable for fast and high download options which are best for viewing Netflix.


Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Prepaid Mobile Broadband and Prepaid Wireless Broadband can be the way to go for those who are constantly on the move. Prepaid Broadband not only offers you great coverage and flexibility, but it can also provide the freedom with no early exit fees or hidden costs.


Software Downloads

Software comes in many different forms such as a full product, freeware, shareware and open source. If downloading software is important to you, then browse our plans to ensure you are getting the right download speeds and limits to meet your needs.



Australia is a sport-loving country! Whether you are a footy fanatic, a cricket buff or a rugby fan, many different sporting events can be streamed online in addition to being on television. Never miss a moment by browsing our broadband plans so that you can get the most out of streaming your favourite sports.


Unlimited Broadband

If you enjoy streaming television, films and playing video games online for countless hours without having to worry about going over your monthly data, then an unlimited broadband plan may be the right plan for you.



Bundle VOIP (also known as Broadband Phone) & Broadband services and save. Use this page to find internet providers that also supply VOIP services. Depending on the phone calls you make you may save hundreds by moving over to VOIP.


Wireless Broadband

If the NBN, ADSL or other fixed-broadband plans are not right for you, then browse our wireless broadband plans that run off the current 4G network, and in the not-too-distant future, the much improved 5G network.



If you love watching videos on Youtube, but you are sick of constantly having to buffer and wait for your videos to load, then you will need a fast reliable broadband connection. Browse our broadband plans that are best suited for streaming videos on Youtube and other video-related services.