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Beginner search

What kind of internet user are you?
  • Light user

    Light user

    If you're new to broadband, just use the internet to access the occasional email and partake in some online banking then this is a great place to get started.

  • Average user

    Average user

    If you're a regular net user and looking for an average no frills plan see what's available here and get on with surfing with a minimum of expense and fuss.

  • Mobile internet

    Mobile internet user

    Want to use the net on the go? Search all the available mobile broadband and wireless plans that will get you online on the go!

  • Family


    One, two, three or more kids? Find a broadband plan for today's info hungry family, suitable for occasional movie and song downloading, home networks, share houses and more!

  • Gamer


    Time for an upgrade? This option is ideal for those seeking improved broadband speed and data limits. Great for frequent downloading and other multimedia activities.

  • Heavy downloader

    Heavy downloader

    If your appetite for the internet meets the following criteria: extreme speed and extreme usage, then look no further. For heavy downloading, file sharing and very large families.

  • Mobile business

    Mobile business

    Are you seeking a broadband plan that's flexible enough for home and the office? Ideal for daily browsing, frequent emailing, whilst being able to handle a few significant downloads.

What kind of broadband are you looking for?
  • ADSL or Cable

    ADSL or Cable

    Choose this if you still aren't sure what type of broadband you're looking for. This will include the most popular broadband types in your search.

  • ADSL


    ADSL broadband uses telephone lines to deliver broadband which is up to 140 times faster than dial up. It's currently the most popular type of broadband in Australia and is available in most areas.

  • Naked DSL

    Naked DSL

    What makes Naked DSL broadband different to ADSL and ADSL2+ is that you don't need a separate telephone line service. It often has a VOIP option to replace your phone service.

  • Cable


    Cable broadband uses coax to deliver high speed broadband access and is generally restricted to metropolitan areas. The flexible nature of cable makes it ideal for bundling services such as pay TV and home phone.

  • Wireless


    The convenience of wireless has made wireless broadband the fastest growing alternative to ADSL. Using 'towers' and 'hotspots', wireless broadband access can be obtained in most parts of Australia.

  • Mobile Broadband

    Mobile Broadband

    Mobile broadband is a form of wireless internet that gives users the freedom and flexibility of broadband on the move. Built in network cards and USB modems delivers the internet over the 3G network.

  • Satellite


    Satellite broadband is available Australia wide and due to its coverage capabilities, is a popular broadband choice for those who reside in rural, remote and regional areas.

How often do you use the internet?
  • Rarely


    Ideal for beginners or those who need limited internet usage. For those who occasionally check emails and use internet banking

  • Occasionally


    Suitable for singles and couples or those who enjoy light internet use. For frequent emailing, internet banking, web browsing and the occasional file download.

  • Daily


    Small families and couples who use the internet every day. Great for daily emails, web browsing and small file downloads, Youtube and mp3s.

  • Regularly


    Frequent internet use for families, home networks or small business. Good for regular web browsing, music downloads, file downloads, occasional movie downloads.

  • Constantly


    Large families, shared networks and professionals those who have extensive internet requirements such as video streaming, movie downloads, file sharing and peer to peer enthusiasts.

How many emails do you send in a week?
  • 0-10 Emails

    0-10 Emails

    If you log on once a week to check your email, or if you send and recieve once every other day.

  • 10-30 Emails

    10-30 Emails

    Casual email user who mainly emails to stay in touch with family and friends or check the lastest updates.

  • 30-50 Emails

    30-50 Emails

    Experienced users who log on daily and probably recieves a number of rich text emails and attachments.

  • 50-100 Emails

    50-100 Emails

    Heavy email user who typically recieve many emails daily including lots of large attached files.

  • 100+ Emails

    100+ Emails

    Business user who uses their internet at home and in the office to recieve hundreds or emails weekly.

How many songs / mp3s do you download weekly?
  • 0-3 Songs

    0-3 Songs

    If you download a couple of mid to low bitrate mp3s during the week, or stream occasional songs from myspace and facebook.

  • 3-10 Songs

    3-10 Songs

    Casual music downloader. Choose this option if you listen to a few songs a week and the ocasional podcast or radio stream.

  • 10-20 Songs

    10-20 Songs

    If you're a frequent music downloader you buy and download a couple of new albums a week and listen to a podcast here and there.

  • 20-50 Songs

    20-50 Songs

    Experienced music downloader downloading and buying at least a few albums a week and probably listening to regular podcasts or streaming radio.

  • 50+ Songs

    50+ Songs

    If you typically download and buy several albums a week, usually in higher bitrate lossless formats and listen to a large amount of streamed or downloaded podcasts.

How many film clips / youtubes do you watch in a week?
  • 0-3 Videos

    0-3 Videos

    Casual video viewer. Choose this option if you will check out short clips on youtube or a similar site occasionally.

  • 3-8 Videos

    3-8 Videos

    You probably watch a few youtube or related streaming video clips throughout the week.

  • 8-15 Videos

    8-15 Videos

    Mid-level video user. Typically you stream a fair amount of clips and watch a few tv shows or movies.

  • 15-25 Videos

    15-25 Videos

    You watch a bit of internet tv and streaming movies each night and spend a fair amount of time browsing and/or uploading youtubes.

  • 25+ Videos

    25+ Videos

    If you download and streaming high quality tv shows or movies and upload to youtube etc several times a week.

How many hours of online games do you play in a week?
  • 0-3 Hours

    0-3 Hours

    You might download a demo here and there or play the occasional online game on your console or home computer.

  • 3-8 Hours

    3-8 Hours

    Casual Gamer, you put aside a couple of nights a week for some online gaming.

  • 8-24 Hours

    8-24 Hours

    You may spend up to 24 hours in a week to satisfy your online gaming addiction.

  • 24-36 Hours

    24-36 Hours

    Seasoned gamer, you spend most nights putting in a good effort playing online, probably hosting a few matches or leading raids.

  • 36+ Hours

    36+ Hours

    You are a true games geek and are spending a majority of your free time grinding levels, downloading mods, hosting team matches and slaying orcs.

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