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Defined as unsolicited electronic messaging regardless of its content (e.g. advertisements or junk mail). Australia is a leading country when it comes to SPAM laws. The *Spam Act 2003* covers email, mobile phone messages (SMS, MMS) and instant messages.

To find out more on SPAM and laws governing it, visit the [Australian Cummincations and Media Authority] ( or read their [Spam Consumers Guide pdf] (

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What is Anti Virus Protection

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What is Spam

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What is Phishing

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OptusNet is another name for Optus. Used to describe broadband and dialup services for the ISP. The term Optusnet is not commonly used at persent. Click to see
Posted: 1/03/2010 11:54:24 AM

Optus |  optusnet | 

Where can I purchase Fixed, Mobile, or Wireless Broadband Hardware from

Additional Hardware products for ADSL, ADSL2+, Wireless, Mobile and Cable Broadband types can be purchased online or at many retail outlets that sell computers
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What is Wireless Broadband

Wireless is an emerging technology that will soon match and overtake the popularity of other current Broadband types. Connecting to the Internet can be made alm
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What is Cable Broadband

Cable Broadband is made from co-ax material which greatly increases bandwidth limits. Higher speeds and a broader capacity allows users to bundle their Internet
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