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What are the speeds for different Broadband Types

I’d like to firstly point out that Broadband speeds will differentiate between Broadband Types primarily based on the technology they use. Furthermore, some of the technologies are always improving or are being regulated and have the potential to provide speeds far beyond current limits.

**ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line):** Most Providers will usually offer common speeds starting from 256kbps/64kbps (download/upload) then usually raise the increments thereafter to 512kbps/128kbps and 1500kbps/256kbps. Higher speeds such as 3,000kbps/1,000kbps are also currently available with the highest ADSL speed presently limited at 8,000kbps/384kps.

**ADSL2/2+:** ADSL2 speeds range between 8,000 kbps (8Mbps)to 12,000kbps down, while ADSL 2+ speeds are anywhere from 12,000kbps to 24,000kbps down. It’s very rare these days to see an ISP supplying a Broadband service using ADSL2 speeds. You’ll find that most Providers will advertise ADSL products up to 1500kbps or 8,000 kbps, and skip ADSL2 in favour for ADSL2+ 24,000 kbps (24Mbps) plans.

**CABLE (Fibre Optic):** Most Cable Providers are currently offering Cable connections speeds of up to 8 Mbps, 9.9Mbps,17Mbps and 30Mps, although future potential speeds will be very much faster. It’s worth noting that Cable’s robust technology not only offers very fast broadband, it can also carry VoIP & Pay TV services simultaneously without interference.

**WIRELESS:** Common practical download speeds for wireless range between 200 kpbs to 3000 kpbs (3.0Mbps). These speeds are generally equivalent to the lower end speeds of ADSL. Wireless technology is constantly being improved and has the potential to reach maximum speeds far greater than those experienced at the highest level of ADSL2+.

**SATELLITE:** The popularity of Satellite Broadband has remained a gradual process due to the high costs involved with its technology. A reflection of this process has witnessed the limitation of practical Satellite speeds. Common plan speeds will usually vary up to 1000kpbs (down) and 256kpbs (up).

See Conversion & Usage Tables for further Broadband Speed examples and comparisons.

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