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High Speed Broadband

If your existing broadband connection is not as fast as you would like, then consider switching to a broadband plan with a faster download speed. If you currently have the NBN at home, then depending on which connection type your household has, you could be eligible for a faster broadband plan. 

Household's on a fixed-fibre NBN broadband plan and cable customers will be able to reach up to 100Mbps of internet speed. Customers on a fixed-wireless NBN plan will be able to reach up to 50Mbps while ADSL2+customers can reach up to 24Mbps. Customers on a Wireless connection will be able to reach speeds up to 12Mbps.

These top speed figures are the maximum indicator of speed only, and as such, your actual internet speeds will vary from these figures. 

Browse our broadband plans below to find the right broadband plan for your household, with the fast speeds that you are after, or give us a call at 1300 321 160 and one of our broadband experts will be able to find you a faster broadband plan for you.

Compare High Speed Broadband