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Broadband for Netflix

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Broadband for Netflix

It goes without saying that Netflix is one of the biggest internet streaming services in Australia today. Perhaps one of the most popular ways to pass the time, Netflix has a huge amount of films and TV shows to fill up countless hours of entertainment.

While using Netflix requires having access to a device that is compatible with the Netflix app, you will also need an internet connection as well. Luckily, Youcompare has a whole range of broadband deals and plans that will leave you with as much data as you want or need in order to get the most out of your Netflix-viewing experience.

Streaming Netflix content will use your data; however you can specify just how much data it can use per hour, depending on the quality of the stream that you have selected in your Netflix account. 

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Netflix Video Streaming Options

There are three different video resolution settings that you can set for streaming Netflix content. 


Selecting the low usage setting will use:
• 0.3GB per hour per device


Selecting the medium usage setting will use:
• 0.7GB per hour per device (Standard-Definition)


Selecting the High usage setting will use:
• Up to 3GB per hour per device (High-Definition)
• Up to 7GB per hour per device (Ultra High-Definition)