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Finding the Best NBN Plan for You

Trying to find the right NBN package can be a chore for many, especially with the constant use of jargon being tossed around about various broadband plans and upload speeds. If you do not know what the NBN is or how it will affect you, then learn more about the NBN.

Deciding on which NBN Broadband package your household should be getting depends on a variety of factors, which we will break down below. It solely depends on your household’s internet needs, with contract costs and service quality also playing a part in the decision-making.


Data Usage

The first step is to determine how much data your household uses per month. Whether you are living alone, or shared with family or friends, it is important to find a broadband package that can encompass all the internet users in the household.

At Youcompare, we have broken down the different usages into a demographic, in order to help you better decide where your household may sit.


Light User: You occasionally use the Internet for general uses, such as checking emails or reading news articles. 

Average User: You use the internet every day to keep in touch with family and friends on social media, while watching video clips and streaming songs as well.

Mobile Internet: You use the internet daily, sending up to 50 emails per week, while consuming music and videos quite frequently.

Gamer: While you use the internet for more common cases such as keeping up with social media and sending emails, you also play a lot of video games online, with usages counting over 36 hours.

Heavy Downloader: You play video games online; however downloading and streaming music and videos is where you truly find the joy of the internet.  

Family: You have a family who are all connected online, with music and videos being consumed sometimes simultaneously. Families are made up of a combination of the above demographics.


If you need assistance in trying to work out your internet usage, then Youcompare can help you! Simply call us at 1300 321 160 and speak to our broadband experts.


NBN Packages

There are currently four different tiers or packages that are currently being offered to internet retailers, such as Telstra and Optus. Each tier has different download and upload speeds and will vary in costs depending on the provider. The numbers in the different tiers refers to the download speeds per second.

NBN 12 is the real bare minimum for broadband speeds nowadays. While NBN 25 is a little faster, NBN Co’s recent wholesale price changes mean that providers are giving out free upgrades from 25Mbps to 50Mbps, with NBN 50 looking like the new standard of internet broadband moving forward. The NBN 100 is the premium package that should be considered by the hardcore internet users.

The NBN's current 'Focus on 50' wholesale promotion is crediting retail service providers (RSP's) and encouraging them to give customers free upgrades to the NBN 50, from the lower tiered NBN 25 plan. The promotion comes to a close at the end of October, upon which only the standard 50Mbps and the premium 100Mbps will be offered moving forward, effectively phasing out the 12Mbps plan

Also keep in mind that the download speeds for each plan designates the maximum it will reach. As such some connections may not be able to reach those high speeds consistently, especially during peak traffic. The type of connections your household has been set up with can also influence which speeds you can actually get.


Compare NBN Broadband Plans

Give us a call at 1300 321 160 and speak to one of our broadband experts to find out which packages your household is eligible for, as well as comparing each of the available broadband plans from our providers.

Check out our other Broadband Guides to learn more about the NBN or other broadband connections types.

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