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KGI: All three iPhones introduced in 2018 to pack more powerful batteries

All three of the iPhones that were introduced in the year 2018 are going to pack much more powerful batteries. Apple is going to be bringing L shaped battery designs. This is going to allow for increased capacity as well as improved battery life. The iPhone X currently features an L shaped battery structure. KGI is predicting improvements as well as further refinement of the battery technology. Battery life has been a point of contention for iPhone users for a long time.

Thus far, KGI has said that Apple will introduce three new iPhones next year: two OLED models at 5.8-inches and 6.5-inches, alongside a 6.1-inch LCD model.
  • Apple has made a point to redesign their popular smartphones called iPhones. Consumers are waiting to see what changes
  • Look for 2018 to make major changes to all three big name iPhones. They will all feature more powerful batteries once they are released.
  • There will be two OLED models at 5.8 inches a piece for consumers to use. But rumors suggest that there will be bigger iPhones to be unveiled in 2018.


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