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Switching to the NBN? Here's What You Should Know!

If you are thinking of switching your home internet connection to the NBN, then here are some of the main things that you should keep in mind.


1. Data

How much internet data does your household generally use every month? Check your last few internet bills from your internet service provider (ISP), and see how much internet usage your household has spent in the past few months.

Many providers are offering new NBN plans with varying degrees of monthly data allowance. Rather than signing up for a plan that only allows your household to use less data than what you are used to, instead see how much your household needs, and then only search for plans that meet those data needs.

Data Plans

Light - Our light plans consist of data up to 100GB per month, and it is required if your household does not use a lot of internet, apart from general browsing and managing emails.

• Medium - Our medium plans consist of data up to 500GB per month, and these plans are suitable for households who chew up more data, whether it is for streaming shows on Netflix or Foxtel, or watching Youtube or playing video games online.

• Heavy - These plans use up to 1000GB of data per month, and these are for the internet-intensive households who are more likely to go over the previous 500GB of data. Consider that playing video games online every day can chew up some serious data, while watching Netflix or Stan on High-Definition (HD) instead of Standard-Definition can also get through data quicker.

• Unlimited - If you wish to have the peace of mind that your household will never go over the monthly data caps, then our unlimited plans will give you exactly that. Use as much data as you wish and you'll never have to worry about using the internet data sparingly. 

When you are browsing through our broadband internet plans, you can filter the internet plans by data, to ensure that you are only seeing the right plans for your household, curated by the data limit that you have set.


2. Price

When it comes to making decisions, the one major element that we tend to focus on is price, and rightly so. Money is so valuable, and we understand completely about the importance of trying to save money where you can.

That is why it is important to figure out how much money you will be willing to spend per month for internet, as well as factoring that into your monthly household spendings.

Plan pricing is determined by the value of what you are getting in terms of monthly internet data and download/upload speeds. The more data you wish to have, and the faster the download speeds, the more the plan is going to cost.

When you browse through our broadband internet plans, you can filter our internet plans by pricing, so that way you can curate the data by the pricing limit that you have set.


3. Speeds

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are signing up to the NBN, there are only four different speed-tiered plans to choose from. However, these speed tiers only determine the maximum speed that you will be able to reach, but for the most part, it will depend on your internet provider with how much internet you will be able to get.

Basic (12Mbps)

• Standard (25Mbps)

• Fast (50Mbps)

• Super Fast (100Mbps)

When you are browsing through our broadband internet plans, you can also filter out the search results by the different speed tiers. That way, you can search for the fastest plans available.


4. Extensions

Are you only after a new NBN broadband plan? Or were you also after a home phone or landline connection as well, or an entertainment pack such as Foxtel?

These are all things that you should consider, as buying an NBN plan in a bundle may be cheaper than if you were to purchase these products separately.


5. Call Youcompare

Give us a call by clicking the 'Call Now' button, and we can help you find the right broadband plan for you.



Check out our Broadband Guides to learn more about the NBN & other broadband connection types.

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