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VicGov Puts $1.2M to Free Wi-Fi in Shepparton

The Victorian Government announced their plan to spend $1.2 million in order to bolster the free Wi-Fi coverage in Shepparton. With the project expected to begin work in the second half of this year, the wireless coverage will be free for users to connect to, with parks, learning centres and educational facilities benefiting greatly from the pledge.

The free wi-fi service is expected to go live in the chosen areas in the back half of 2019, as the Victorian Government will also work with the City of Greater Shepparton to select additional locations to also benefit from the extra wi-fi coverage.

This year has seen the Victorian Government try to eliminate the various mobile phone blackspots in the state, in conjunction with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, with the telcos continuing their efforts to build mobile base stations in the remote areas of the state. Together, the goal is to reach 867 base stations by June of 2019. Telstra recently had a base station from Round 3 of the program go live.

In addition to the regional blackspots, the three major telcos and the Victorian Government are also working diligently to eradicate the blackspots along the regional railway lines.

Courtesy of ZDNet.


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