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WA Government Pushing for New Minimum Speeds At 100Mbps

In a proposal put forth to NBNCo, the Western Australian government has propositioned for the 100Mbps to become the new minimum speed for customers. Due to the large abundance of households in the regional and remote areas of the country, the 25Mbps plan is not deemed as a fast enough internet speed.

The proposal also suggests the removal of the connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) which, due to the extremely high costs of the pricing model, prevents telcos from offering high-speed internet to their customers. 

A review every three to five years on how to continue innovating the technology in order to get better and faster speeds is also in the proposal. A review as frequent as this by a board of researchers is a great idea, provided it is handled properly. Considering the recent SpeedTest Global Index, Australia is not well-placed in terms of the average speed gained by fixed-broadband customers. Sitting in 58th place with average broadband speeds of 30.53Mbps is extremely slow, which is in stark contrast to our mobile-data speeds. Australia are currently in eighth place with average speeds of 50.38Mbps. 

Also, the WA government also requested for the fibre-to-the-node (FttN) connections to end, as the NBN should be focusing on fibre-to-the-curb (FttC) or fibre-to-the-premise (FttP) instead.

While all these points sound well and good from the WA government, NBN Chief Executive Bill Morrow had announced that the NBN 100Mbps plan was going to be scrapped as an option for fixed-wireless customers, due to it's inability to provide those customers with the fast speed in a cost-effective way, citing a lack of demand as the main reason it was dropped.

While we suspect that the NBN will not be making the 100Mbps plan the new minimum standard for internet speeds in the country, it is still something that needs to be heavily considered in the not-too-distant future. As 5G internet is slowly drawing nearer, and boasting speeds up to 10Gbps, it is only a matter of time before even the 100Mbps minimum will be considered too slow compared to the other options available.


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