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Optus ADSL2+ - 24 months


60 Plan - ADSL2+

  • Min total cost: $1440.00
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    Plan specifics
    Plan feature Plan detail
    Broadband type ADSL2+
    Monthly broadband cost N/A
    Download speed ADSL2+
    Data allowance Unlimited
    Cost of 1MB of data (within data allowance) N/A
    Cost of 1MB of data (excess usage) N/A
    Contract length 24 months
    Email accounts 0
    Web space N/A
    IP address Dynamic
    Payment types Credit Card, Direct Debit
    Additional resources Terms & Conditions
    Setup details and options
    Setup details and options Cost
    Delivery Fee $0.00
    Setup Fee $0.00
    WiFi modem included (for new customers only) $0.00
    International Calls - World Saver Ultimate (per month) $10.00
    Bundle details
    Bundle option Bundle cost
    $60 Plan (Unlimited data) $60.00/mth'''''
    Total bundle costs
    Monthly and total costs Plan costs
    Monthly broadband cost N/A
    Monthly bundle cost $60.00
    Total monthly cost $60.00
    Minimum total cost over 24 months $1440.00


  • Unlimited data included per month
  • WiFi modem included
  • Home phone line included
  • Pay as you go call rates apply
  • Call rates

  • Standard Local Calls – 30c per call
  • Standard National Calls - 52c flagfall + 28c per min ($2 max for first 60mins, then standard rates apply)
  • Standard National Calls to Australian Mobiles - 52c flagfall + 28c per min ($2 max for first 60mins, then standard rates apply)
  • Standard 13/1300 Calls - 35c per call
  • Standard International Calls – Worldsaver rates with 52c flagfall. See
  • Add call packs from $5 per month
  • Terms and Conditions

  • By accepting the benefits of this bundled offer, the connection date for your phone that you agree to will likely be longer than the maximum timeframe in the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG). Apart from this, any other rights you have under the CSG still apply. For more information, see
  • Fair Go Policy applies. Available in selected premises in selected areas.

    Minimum Total Cost includes payment by direct debit. Installation fees may apply if you request a technician installation where a self-install option is available. If you change plans during your contract term to a plan of lower value, an Early Recontract Fee of $80 applies and you must start a new 24 month contract. Month to month customers may change their plan with no fee. Plan pricing will differ if your service is connected outside of Optus network areas. Unlimited Calls to standard national numbers excludes special numbers such as 13/1300 numbers, premium numbers (e.g. 1900 numbers), 1234, 12456 and calls to satellite numbers. Calls charged in one minute increments. You must preselect Optus as both your local and long distance carrier.

    General: Offer available to credit approved customers.

    International call rates: can be found at Other rates are available at agreements. Available to eligible residential customers who connect the services in the same name and address to the Optus DSL Direct, Optus Cable or Optus NBN networks. You must pre-select Optus as both your local and long distance carrier.

    Cancellation: If you cancel any or all services within the committed term, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Any remaining Optus services will be moved to the closest alternative of our standard plans.

    Serviceability: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee connection until we successfully install your service. We do not offer Priority Assistance. A provider who does is Telstra. Important Information for Cable & nbn™ Customers: Equipment supplied requires mains power, which may not be suitable if you have a serious illness or condition, require disability services, have a back-to-back alarm, or require an uninterrupted telephone line. If this is the case, contact us and we’ll help you find an alternative solution.

    Speed & Video Quality: Many factors affect speed and video quality such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination, your location and the number of simultaneous video streams or other downloads you have running over your connection.

    Calling bolt ons and speed: Calling bolt ons and speed packs are month to month and can be changed at any time. Changes to service will take place 24-48 hours after the change is requested. Charges for the bolt-on will be pro-rated so customers will only be charged until the date it is cancelled and they may receive a prorated credit for any amounts paid in advance.