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Optus Mobile Broadband - Month to month


$70 My Mobile Broadband Plus M2M SIM Only

200 GB
200 GB
200 GB
Month to month

$70.00 Broadband/month Min total cost: $310.00 
$70.00 Broadband/month

$70 My Mobile Broadband Plus M2M SIM Only

200 GB
200 GB
200 GB
Month to month
Plan specifics
Plan feature Plan detail
Broadband type Mobile Broadband
Monthly broadband cost $70.00
Download speed Mobile Broadband
Data allowance 200 GB /month (100GB + 100GB bonus data)
Cost of 1MB of data (within data allowance) $0.0003
Additional data $10 per 1GB
Contract length Month to month
Email accounts 0
Web space N/A
IP address Dynamic
Payment types Credit Card, Direct Debit, BPay Savings, in Person and Debit Card
Additional resources Terms & Conditions
Setup details and options
Setup details and options Cost
SIM Delivery Fee $0.00
WiFi modem - upfront $240.00
Total broadband costs
Monthly and total costs Plan costs
Monthly broadband cost $70.00
Monthly bundle cost N/A
Total monthly cost $70.00
Minimum total cost $310.00 for the first month

Bonus data on $70 My Mobile Broadband Plus M2M Plan:

  • Available to new & recontracting services. Not available with any other bonus data offers. Ends 28/04/19.
  • Fair Go Policy applies.

    Coverage: Coverage availability will vary depending on your device and location. Check coverage at based on your address and device.

    Data Pool: If you have more than one eligible Postpaid mobile or mobile broadband plan on the same billing account, the included monthly data allowance will combine into one data pool, which will be shared by all eligible services on that account. This data can also be shared with any existing Share Data Plan. Any unused data in the data pool expires at the end of each billing month.

    Additional Data: If you use more than 150GB of top-up data on a single billing account, we may continue to charge you at the same rates, restrict your data use or slow your speed to 256Kbps until the next billing period.

    Usage Alerts: Usage alerts are not real-time and delays of up to 48 hours may be experienced.

    My Account: Services that share data may have a service login to My Account which will display all service numbers contributing or using the shared data pool on the account. If you have more than 6 services you may not be able to use My Account to monitor usage or add/change alerts.

    Optional Extras for My Mobile Broadband Plus Plans

  • Optional Extras are available on a month by month basis and do not form part of your plan. You may cancel them at any time. Optus may change or withdraw an optional extra at any time and we will try and give you 21 days prior notice of a change. If an optional extra is cancelled, changed or withdrawn, you will be liable to pay charges for the optional extra service that remain active until the relevant billing cycle ends and your plan will continue for the rest of its term.
  • Mobile TV and Music Streaming (for Tablets)

  • Apps subject to change and subscription required. Stream Video up to 1.5Mpbs & music up to 512kbps. Charges apply for content such as downloads & ads. Fair Go Policy applies.
  • The Mobile TV / Music Streaming options are available on a month to month basis & do not form part of your plan. Optus may change or withdraw a streaming partner at any time with prior notice. Offline Video Downloads, mobile & mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspots, streaming on TVs (such as Chromecast, Apple TV and the like), other associated traffic such as ads, authentication, app analytics, podcasts, Digital Rights Management and album art are excluded and will incur data charges. Streaming services may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems. Not suitable for HD quality video. Suitable for one stream per service on mobile & tablet devices only.

    Optus Sport

  • Subscription required. Fair Go Policy applies. Personal Viewing in Australia Only.
  • Content and features vary by sport. Sport coverage is available as long as Optus has the rights. Optus Sport is a month-to-month subscription. Compatible device, and Australian app store account required.
  • National Geographic App (for Tablets)

  • Fair Go Policy applies. The App is a premium product available at no extra cost for personal viewing in Australia on eligible plans for selected iOS and Android devices. This option does not form part of your plan.
  • Available to customers who are 18+ yrs, or 15-17yrs with parental permission, on a 24-month Postpaid or 12-month SIM Only, mobile broadband and active Fetch with Optus customers. Excludes Fleet, Tech Fund and month-to-month SIM Only customers.

    Eligible customers will receive 1 login per account, allowing concurrent use on 2 screens. Mobile customers may receive additional logins for additional service numbers. Mobile broadband and active Fetch from Optus customers will receive a maximum of one login per account. May take up to 4 hours after activating your service before you can successfully access the App. National Geographic content will be streamed without using your data for Optus postpaid mobile customers. Other content such as ads, authentication, app analytics, Optus Competition Page or links to third party sites are excluded and may incur data charges.

    Access to the National Geographic App will be available until June 2020 unless extended, or you move to an ineligible plan.