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Terms & Conditions

Recommendations and Services of this Website

Connectus Pty Ltd (trading as Broadband Guide) provides its recommendations and services on this website on the basis of information provided by you as to your particular requirements and information given to it by the following internet service providers (“ISPs”):

  • Bigpond
  • Optus
  • Dodo
  • Netspace
  • 3 mobile
  • Virgin Broadband
  • Simpliciti
  • People Telecom
  • Internode

Broadband Guide makes every effort to provide quality service but is not the author of the information it provides. Broadband Guide acts as a mere conduit of information provided to it by the relevant ISPs. Broadband Guide accepts no responsibility or liability and does not give any guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning:

  • the accuracy, completeness, or current nature of the information provided to Broadband Guide by the ISPs; and
  • the service, content, functionality, operation, compatibility, installability, maintenance, level of service or any other matter in connection with any product or service offering of any ISP; and
  • any aspect of the terms and conditions of use, installation, function, maintenance, price or payment in connection with any product or service offering of any ISP.


Broadband Guide, ISPs and this Website

This website offers a free service to you and other users. ISPs provide information to Broadband Guide as to broadband and internet service plans/packages for the purpose of the services provided on this website without charging any additional fees to you, should you proceed to accept a product or service found on this website. Any additional charges by any ISP are a matter for disclosure to you by the ISP at the time you choose to accept any product or service offering of the relevant ISP. ISPs provide information to Broadband Guide for this website under contractual arrangements between Broadband Guide and the relevant ISP. Broadband Guide does not act as an agent of the ISP in making any recommendations to you, yet stands to receive a benefit under separate arrangements with the ISP.


Broadband Guide practises the fair handling of personal information provided to it. Broadband Guide does not seek to collect personal information from persons accessing this website (“Users”) unless the User provides that information voluntarily. The personal information of a User is distributed:

  • to an internet service provider (“ISP”) with the consent of the User for the purpose of subscribing to, or enquiring about, a product or service offering of that ISP;
  • on the basis that the User will be subject to the privacy terms and conditions of the ISP, in relation to which the User must inform itself and make its own decision(s) in terms of acceptance; and
  • within Broadband Guide for the delivery, maintenance and improvement of Broadband Guide’s Services.