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Broadband for voip

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Voip Broadband

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband telephony, Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or a local network. Since the creation of VOIP the quality of service has dramatically improved.

Depending on the amount of phone calls you make, bundling VOIP with broadband can save you hundreds of dollars by have the two services in the one package

Click on the icon in the view broadband plans section or search for broadband plans using the icons that best suit your needs.

ADSL2+ provides fast broadband speeds for streaming movies & TV shows, online gaming, web browsing and other online activities.

When it comes to streaming content or playing games online, hitting the high speeds is important. Compare services with dedicated high speed connection types including NBN, ADSL2+ and fast wireless broadband.

If the NBN, ADSL or other fixed-broadband plans are not right for you, then browse our wireless broadband plans that run off the current 4G network, and in the not-too-distant future, the much improved 5G network.

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