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Wireless Broadband

Unlike the fixed-line broadband connections such as NBN, ADSL or Cable, Wireless instead opts to remove the necessity for a laid-cable by instead making your internet work off the mobile phone network. While at the moment we currently have the 4G Network in Australia, just imagine how fast the wireless internet will be when we get the 5G Network!

Connecting the wireless broadband as your home internet is as simple as plugging a compatible router into the wall, and inserting the chosen SIM data card into the router. Like a mobile phone, the router will then use the mobile towers to leverage the internet. Not to be confused with Mobile Broadband, which is more designed for using on the go with your laptops and tablets, as opposed to Wireless which is an alternative broadband connection for your home.

We have a range of wireless broadband plans from a range of wireless internet providers in Australia. Whether you are after a cheap wireless internet plan or you wish to just compare mobile broadband plans in general, you will have an abundance of options to choose from.

If you are renting, especially if you are on a short-lease, then these plans are ideal for you, as you will be able to bring your router and internet plan with you when you move houses again.

Compare wireless internet plans below, or call us 1300 321 160 to speak to one of our broadband experts to find the best wireless internet deal for you.

Compare Wireless Broadband

How to Set-Up Wireless Broadband

Three simple steps to setting up the wireless broadband at home.

1. Call Us!

Call us at 1300 321 160 to speak to one of our broadband experts and find the wireless broadband plan that you like.

2. Put SIM-card in Router.

You will receive a SIM-data card that is based off the plan that you chose. Simply plug that into a SIM-compatible router.

3. Connect!

Once the SIM is in a compatible router, simply plug the router into the wall and flick-on the power switch, and within five minutes your router should begin providing your household with internet coverage.